Renovation and extension to a Victorian house, to improve existing kitchen and living area, and connection to garden.

Driven by admiration and respect for our architectural heritage, we seek appropriate ways to re-invigorate and prolong the life of older buildings by carefully considered interventions.

This terraced three-bay, two-storey over lower ground floor house ,built in the 1890’s, allowed for generous rooms on the upper levels but little in the way of practical storage. In an earlier phase we designed a series of custom built furniture items which addressed the needs of the growing family. 

Sometime in the past a 3-storey back return was added to the house however it pushed the basement kitchen family area inward and as a result it suffered from both lack of natural light and aspect to the garden. 

The current project sought to reverse the negative impacts of previous extension by positioning the utility and pantry areas to the centre and moving the kitchen and family out towards the light and garden. A single storey extension wraps around the return with large glazed screens overlooking the garden and a large roof light drawing light into the depth of the kitchen area. Other work within the house included re-designed bathrooms, ensuites and storage.