3 bay, two storey over lower ground floor semi detached villa built in the late 1860s. The paired dwellings on the terrace are separated by side entrance ways. Interior re-modelled mid-20th century for multiple residential units. Currently it is in single family occupancy.


As part of the planning application we carried out an Architectural Heritage Impact Assessment of the proposed works to No.6 Rostrevor Terrace. Those works included the refurbishment, conservation, restoration, storey extension and some internal layout alteration of the protected structure. The purpose of the works was to provide additional accommodation to provide for the needs of the family and to improve the natural lighting to the lower ground floor in particular. The intention was to adapt the house to meet the needs of a family whilst retaining its essential character. It was intended to adapt the house with minimal intervention to ensure continuance of use. Repair will take precedence over replacement. The works proposed will be reversible without loss of fabric or character.


The design of the extension, alterations and refurbishment were compatible with the character of the protected structure and sensitive to conservation principles. The works were a combination of the extension to provide additional accommodation, essential internal alterations to the lower ground floor and minor alterations to the ground floor and first floors to adapt the house to family use along with essential refurbishment works to prevent further damage to the existing fabric by ingress of moisture.

It was our intention to respect and retain the essence of the original plan form by restoring and maintaining the primary spaces and room proportions. Any alterations proposed have been carefully considered and are considered necessary for the continued viability of the dwelling as a contemporary family home. The changes have improved the visual appearance of the house both externally and internally whilst improving circulation, light and ventilation.

The proposed single storey rere extension leads out from the rere back room beneath the main reception room. A wide roof light will emphasise the separation between the new and the existing along with providing quality of natural light to the existing back room. The feature of the bay window will be conserved.

We sought to conserve all internal and external historical features of quality and interest including all timber floors, all original internal and external joinery including the shutters and door linings, the original staircases and balustrades and all dado rails and original decorative plasterwork.