During the course of the development of The Crumlin Childcare Creche, the Covid 19 pandemic struck Ireland. The Childcare centre closed and the Creche was temporarily shelved. On re-opening, the need for outdoor activity spaces and shelter came to the fore.


We were asked to design a small shelter in the garden of the future Creche. The shelter is 6m x3m set on a concrete base. The base was poured in the late autumn as the last of the autumn leaves fell. Scattering of leaves were impressed into the concrete. Little hands created further imprints dating the pandemic year 2020.

The structure comprises 100 x100 treated timbers grouped in clusters of 4 or 2 fixed into the ground with galvanised steel plates. The roof members and purlins sit into the gaps between the posts and are through bolted. The roof and back wall is sheeted with polycarbonate sheeting providing shelter from the prevailing winds and rain.

The kids are back!