A new single story timber framed extension orientated to open into the garden and catch the warm southern sun even in the depths of our cold dark winter.


Along with general refurb of the main house down stairs the new extension provides a new generously sized kitchen/dining and family room. Extensive use of skylights and large sliding doors are orientated to follow the suns path through the day.


In contrast to the red brick 'tudor' style of the main house the new contemporary extension is a copper roofed mono pitched timber framed structure clad with western red cedar. The breathable timber framed walls are 250 deep and filled with natural wood fibre insulation. Along with triple glazed glazed screens and roof lights the extension is easy to heat, thermally comfortable, airtight and naturally breathable. Its design, detailing and construction means that there is little heat loss making it economical to heat and light. Natural paints used internally are an integral part of its design ensuring a pleasant internal environment free from chemicals.


Client comments

The design has greatly enhanced the way our family enjoy our home. The main benefits of the design were the introduction of lots of natural light into the heart of the house and opening up a beautiful vista of the garden to the house. This project was a major and complex challenge as ours is a city house and access from the sides is quite constrained. The project was completed within budget and on time. It was a pleasure to work with John Dorman and his team.