As part of Ballymun Regeneration the 45 acre Poppintree Park was redeveloped following extensive public consultation with local residents, sports and community groups. Arising from that process a new Sports Changing Building and Parks Depot was proposed in 2008.


Ten years later Dorman Architects were engaged by Dublin City Council to adapt the previous design for the changing building to meet the most recent building regulations and in particular for universal accessibility. The new building builds on our extensive and practical experience for the design and implementation of sports changing facilities.


One particular feature of note is the rain garden where rainwater run-off feeds a natural garden planted with a mix of native shrubs, perennials and flowers. While on one hand it provides an attractive maintenance free natural landscape it also meets the council's requirement for Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) which has the objective of minimising the impact that the surface water run off from any development exerts on its environment by replicating, as closely as possible, the natural drainage from the development site before the development is carried out.


Completed 2017