The Paddock, a low energy house      Co.Sligo


We had the dream team, a great architect and a builder who worked very well with the architect...and we got exactly what we were promised, and on time and budget. On top of all that, it is incredibly efficient to heat. The design maximises passive energy gain, while the insulation spec is so high that our energy costs are really very low and despite our exposure to the Atlantic Ocean, the house is really warm all the time.


You could heat it with a candle!


Siobhan Dunne and Mark Dorman

The Zig Zag House   Co.Meath


We're delighted with the design - more than met our wishes. John brought a really innovative but also practical eye to the design concepts. We have a home we love and which works really well for us. We were very strict about available budget.


John and the builder managed to bring a really high quality project to fruition for a price well below what might have been achieved with a different architect/builder team.


Camilla Beglan and John O'Connell


The Weekend House    Connemara Co.Galway


Innovation, flair, the artist's eye were all immediately obvious. We decided to go with the plan lock, stock and barrel. All through the building stage, John's attention to detail was almost obsessive, but it drove the team to reach a very high standard at completion.


We both have to say John was such a great architect to work with - he listened so carefully which was a huge part of the success of the project. He interpreted our needs with great flair and creativity while creating a building that was both timeless and sensitive to its environment.


Eilis Cryan


Summer House   Murrisk Co.Mayo


From the outset, John and his colleagues listen intently to our raw ambition for the site. We benefited greatly from their experience. Where necessary, John was firm with the final product, the sole goal.....retrospectively, he always got it right.


The relationship with your architect is an unusual one, requiring mutual respect. John works really well, within that context.

Kieran Mahon


Bay House   Magheraorty Co.Donegal


Our north-western site has spectacular views and his concept of the windows framing the view was just what I wanted. We met John and knew we were talking the same language. John's approach is to be sensitive to the environment and the local built heritage and while we initially laughed at his emphasis on the site's solar orientation (it is Donegal after all!) we are so grateful to be enjoying light-filled rooms and passive heat ever since.


Emer Horgan

Garden Studio   Sandymount Dublin 4


I can still remember our excitement at seeing the first pencil drawings that John sketched with us in his office off Merrion Square. Apart from minor additions, if the budget had allowed, we would not change anything in our home. John is a thorough professional; his communication skills are exemplary and his straightforward manner, gentle humour and focused creativity made the entire project a pleasure from start to finish.


The Architect's solution has admirably met all of our requirements.


Niall McElroy and Paula Clancy


A mid-century remodel and extension Blackrock Dublin


Dorman Architects redesigned our house and transformed it from a dull uninteresting 1950's style to a beautiful contemporary, functional, family home that is full of light at all times of the day which never disappoints.


We are delighted with the house and it continually surprises us in its light aspect, functionality and design. Well recommended.


Avril Dowley

Natural timber extension to a period house Dublin 6

Our site is north west facing, so light is important to us, and John is really creative at bringing the maximum light into the rooms, with very clever use of windows. John is very easy to work with, attentive to detail, and very thorough. He also managed our project through to completion, and was always very professional.


We would warmly recommend John to you for your build project


Siobhán O Leary

Cedar Copper extension   Rathgar Dublin 6


The design has greatly enhanced the way our family enjoys our home. The main benefits of the design were the introduction of lots of natural light into the heart of the house and opening up a beautiful vista of the garden to the house. This project was a major and complex challenge. It was completed within budget and on time.


It was a pleasure to work with John Dorman and his team.


Anne Donnelan

A re-model and extend mid-century house Dublin 4

A thoroughly professional, well managed and innovative piece of architectural work that was completed on time and within budget. Proper consultation continued throughout the project with appropriate adjustments as necessary.


Tony Condon

New Kitchen   Lissadell Co.Sligo


Dorman Architects designed our kitchen in a new build. They were a pleasure to work with - sympathetic to the client and the budget. They created the perfect balance of function and design - the kitchen works really well and looks great!


Grainne Dunne

Pre War referb


Working with Dorman Architects, was a great experience. Being new to the world of renovation and building, Dorman Architects were on hand to guide us through every step of the process, They provided excellent advice and guidance, making the many tough decisions, that little bit easier.

By collaborating with Dorman Architects, we successfully retained the integrity of our 1930's house, combined with a practical modern home. They were very strong on creating an energy efficient home. This has proved very beneficial, in keeping the heating costs down.

I would highly recommend Dorman Architects, they were very professional and a pleasure to deal with.

Aaron & Ann Marie

1930’s house energy upgrade and extension Dublin 9


I chose the firm because of their environmental knowledge and ethos. From the outset, John asked what I wanted and needed and listened to the answers. The design was far beyond my expectations with a light filled living space which made full use of its orientation. He was easy to deal with, returned all calls and emails and ironed out any problems as they arose.


I love the job that John and his team did and would highly recommend them


Ursula Lynch


An inner city terrace house re-design   Dublin 3


John is a green architect with a visionary and philosophical approach that enables the client to envision different possibilities of your home within its wider environment, his advice allowed us to open our minds to the different possibilities in our renovation around natural lighting, interior design and energy saving.


Patrick Gates