Dorman Architects were engaged by Dublin City Council to design a prototype sports changing building to provide football changing facilities and a community centre. The intention of the prototype design is to allow it be adaptable to suit the different city parks and size flexible to meet the needs of local football clubs.


These two new single storey sports changing pavilions in Tolka Valley Park and Springdale Park were the first built to the standardised design. The buildings layout facilitates cost effective linear expansion, if required, in the future. The changing rooms are organised with individual external access, allowing each club its own autonomy, with their sanitary facilities backing onto central spine service corridor. The buildings present a simple rectangle form finished with a soft unpainted plaster and topped by a light aluminium roof. Warm coloured doors enliven the buildings exterior. At one end the brightly lit community room serves the community's needs. Hot water services are provided by high efficiency hot water boiler system. Rainwater harvesting has been installed in order to conserve water.


Completed 2017